TTT is co-owned by old college friends, Kyle and Tina. We found ourselves once again living in the same city, and when we tried to visit multiple breweries and bottle shops in one day, we realized the need for a local tour to get us safely from one stop to the next. We did some soul searching, quit our jobs, and started brainstorming over some amazing local beers. Both dreamers and idealists, we wanted to follow our passion for talking to people and drinking beer. That’s totally a job… right? Well, we created those jobs and hired ourselves! Now we have the most amazing job in the world — sharing the incredible local brewing and culinary talent with our amazing customers right here in the Triangle.  We have made a commitment to stay true to our off-kilter personalities, so in addition to incorporating beer education and delicious combinations of hops and barley into our tours, we have also sprinkled on our own secret sauce of comedy, music, and adventure.

We know where all the good beer lives, and we want to take you there. Now find your favorite t-shirt and get out of the house! Those beers aren’t gonna drink themselves… but we’d probably watch if they did.

I'd Tap That

Taking Care of Bizznass

Whether you’re in need of Sunday brunch, a distillery tour, or a brewery tour, TTT has taken care of all food, drink, transportation, and entertainment so you don’t have to – that means that every tour is all-inclusive.

We’re ready to take you on your adventure safely and in style — sit back, relax, and leave the adulting to us. Consider it our karmic balance for many years of self-indulgence.

Not Your Average Beer Tour

Our tours are more than just driving folks around to different breweries.  What makes TTT’s tours truly unique is that we create adventure-based events and infuse our tours with a variety of great music, sports, history, and art. And like it or not, you’ll be subjected to our special brand of humor and be treated like old friends. This is our secret recipe that gives our guests exciting, memorable experiences and keeps them coming back for another round.


TTT has worked and played hard to find the best spots in the Triangle for locals and visitors alike… a tough job, but someone had to do it. We seek out hidden gems, newcomers, and hole-in-the-wall joints because we believe that’s where you find the true essence of our community — there’s something special to discover at every stop.

As you explore, expect to slow down, hang out, and make new friends while sharing incredible craft beer and local food in a chill, socially engaging group setting.

Tap The Triangle loves giving back to our community whenever possible. Our core principle is to support local small businesses, craft breweries in particular. We also like to help charities and non-profits. While we wish we could do more, we support the following organizations, giving back with our support, money, and time whenever we can.